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Throughout the year, we enliven events, in France and elsewhere
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1 place du Jard 51500 Ecueil - FRANCE
Tél.: +(33)3 26 07 73 45

Welcome to our website

We hope you find this place a convenient way to pay a virtual visit to our family-run business and get a feel for the way we handle our operations.

Over 12 generations of winegrowers, our estate has expanded and techniques have evolved. Since 1947 our Champagne has a presence on more and more fine dining tables.
Travel 6 miles south-west of Reims, and discover what a charming village of Champagne Ecueil is. Its surrounding "terroir" is certified "Premier Cru" because of the unique qualities it confers to grapes.

Here we grow mainly Pinot Noir grapes for their power and the fruity flavour they bring to the cuvées, but we grow Chardonnay as well (white grapes) to add finesse and elegance.

It's in a carefully crafted blend of these grape varieties with reserve wines of the best years that our "Cuvées Maison" are born.

All processes leading to the final product, are performed on our own vineyards and premises, from nurturing grapes to preparing the bottling liqueurs, from blending to aging in cellars, from riddling by hand to disgorgements and dressing bottles.

Because our family know-how has been passed on from father to son for generations, many procedures and even hand movements have remained the same, as taught by the forefathers.

The motto of Champagne Lacourte-Guillemart could be "In order to maintain the high quality of our cuvées, let us remain faithful to the tradition".
With vineyards all around, Ecueil is definitely a village specialized in the production of Champagne, but in the full respect of those very traditions that have led to such a sweet beverage being loved in all occasions. The very attractive settings of the village make our work more pleasant, which certainly helps us develop an even more refined champagne, in line with the prestigious image that has formed the world over.

What a privilege to share a flute of Champagne ...
In a warm, welcoming place, with a couple of authentic winegrowers sharing with you their passion of work. ... It's a sheer joy !!


Pour déclarer votre flamme ou votre amour, pour lui dire je t'aime, ApoteoSurprise organise demande en mariage, déclaration d'amour, demandes en mariage, declarations d'amour..."

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